Now that the centenary year is all but over, we are continuing to move forward with new projects and events that can continue to keep Manston’s history in the public eye and to create an improved historical resource.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that a website ( dedicated to the history of Manston has now been launched, which will work alongside the Facebook page and Twitter account that has been running for a little while.

The site is intended to bring together the various sources of information connected to events, squadrons, aircraft and personnel that have been involved with Manston.  However, due to the vast amount of history, it is likely that this site will be continually updated and extended and is not intended to be a complete historical record for some time to come. We will add posts and extend the information within it over time.

The site will allow us to go into more detail on specific events and will be drawing from a range of sources, however if you have any details or material you would like to share with us, or if you find details that either contradict or expand on what we already have, please let us know.

The site will also be continuing to work with the Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum for some upcoming projects although the History of Manston Airfield sites will continue to be separate to the museum.